April 18, 2009

Has anyone been to the Riu Santa Fe?

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Molly D asked:

I’m planning a May trip to Cabo, but I’m torn between the Riu Palace and the Riu Santa Fe. I realize the Palace is more “luxurious”, but I spoke with someone who just got back from there, and said the Santa Fe is newer and nicer, with better pools (as a Palace customer, she was able to go back and forth, and said she will definitely stay at the Santa Fe next time). So I’m wondering if there are differences in the food, and also if there is a difference in the comfort of the beds (I was told the Palace beds weren’t comfortable, so they’re probably the same?). Any input would be appreciated!

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April 19, 2009

KangoTraveler @ 9:35 am

The beds at the Palace are extraordinary! I don’t say that often about hotel beds, but I slept better there than in my own bed. As for how the Santa Fe measures up overall, it’s a nice place, but just not in the same league.

Enjoy your trip!

Kango Traveler

cabochick23 @ 8:04 pm

Well, basically they are the same place. Right next door to each other. I have not had any feedback from people who have stayed (at the Sante Fe) yet, but I have walked through both Riu’s many times and have observed pretty well the same or at least similar everything, from beds, to food, to activities to entertainment. So really, what ever one you pick you will be happy.

Other than the fact that the Santa Fe just opened in November. So maybe newer is better, but they are both 5 star, so I would think that other than a few new resort glitches occuring, you would get equal treatment.

Go and enjoy your holiday.