February 28, 2009

i am planning on traveling to santa fe, argentina in their winter months and i am wondering general info?

santa fe
snackhole. :] asked:

i will be staying with some friends
i wouold like to know what i could do during the day time
how big is santa fe?
crime rates?

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December 20, 2008

What is the best airline or travel service to use when looking at traveling to London from the US?

santa fe new mexico
abiona asked:

We’re starting out in Santa Fe (New Mexico, US), traveling to London, England …where is the best place to start looking for tickets? What airlines are best?

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October 13, 2008

New Mexico travel advice - what are some must-see places?

santa fe new mexico
Illyria asked:

I will be traveling in New Mexico in January. I’ll spend a few days in Roswell, a week near Taos and then a couple of days in Santa Fe. I’m not much of a hiker or biker (especially in high altitudes). I love exploring regional cuisines, funky shops, outsider art and places of historical or artistic significance. What are some insider suggestions that I might not get from a guidebook? Specific info is good!

I’m thinking about the hot springs near Taos; would you recommend going?

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