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December 9, 2008

Where is the most new age minded place in the U.S?

santa fe new mexico
Sixth_Sense asked:

As in terms of spirituality and alternative minded…

I’m thinking Santa Fe, New Mexico or LA…


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October 26, 2008

looking for church were miracles have been reported, and has to do with sand, in santa fe, new mexico?

santa fe new mexico
randyp asked:

it has to do with the indians in the area, and maybe catholic church. my wife and i want to go pray for my brother who has been diagnosed with lou gehrigs diesease.

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October 5, 2008

R&S, what are your thoughts on the miraculous staircase in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

santa fe new mexico
Rob asked:

“In 1873 in Santa Fe New Mexico, construction of a church called ‘Our Lady of Light’ began. When it was almost completed, a grievous error was discovered. They had forgotten to include an access to the very high loft.

The nuns decided to start a Novena to St. Joseph in hopes of
finding a solution to this oversight. On the last day of the Novena, a stranger arrived and offered to build a staircase. The nuns accepted his offer.

The only tools he had were a hammer, saw, and T-square.
Several months later, the man completed it and he promptly vanished. The circular staircase makes two 360 degree turns and has no center supporting pole. No nails were used and the wood did not come from the local area. Engineers cannot account for the seemingly miraculous staircase, which, having no center support should collapse.”

Here’s a picture:

Do you believe it’s a miracle? Do you believe the staircase was built by St. Joseph himself?
Or is it simply an architectural wonder, and the man who built it a 19th-century genius?
Silent: I’d never heard of the Taos Hum. Just Googled it right now. Interesting.

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