November 30, 2008

Custom Cake Shop in Santa Fe, NM?

santa fe new mexico
Q-mama asked:

I know this isn’t the right place for this question, but YA has no categories for New Mexico and my question got lost in the “general” category. Can anyone recommend a good custom cake shop in Santa Fe, NM? I need to make a unique cake for a big 70th birthday event. I know restaurants in the area, but I don’t know any bakeries/cake shops. Please recommend any place you have used who can make a delicious and attractive custom design. Provide website if you can. Thank you.

**Yahoo, you need sections in dining, travel, local biz for all 50 states! C’mon.

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October 23, 2008

Should they turn New Mexico State Rt. 599 in Santa Fe into a freeway loop?

santa fe new mexico
why not? asked:

and also turn St. Francis Rd. into a freeway right up to the I-25 highway exit alongsides?
I wish they had an Albuquerque section of yahoo answers;but since Arizona is in the Southwest too,so i figured people in the Phoenix/AZ area might be more familiar with this than others.

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