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October 13, 2008

can anyone help me with these questions about santa fe, new mexico? PLEASEEE?

santa fe new mexico
RiiOTTxo asked:

can anyone help me with any of the following questions about santa fe, new mexico.

1. name at least 5 significant historyical events along with the date that happened in this city.

2. name at least 2 economic bases of this city.

3. describe the population of this city. break it down into age distribution, ethnicity, and gender.

4. name 5 forms of entertainment available in this city. include address of the venue, times of shows/events, etc.

5. name at least 2 institutions in this city.

6. name 2 historical and 2 current famous people that are living/have lived in this city.

if anyone could help me with ANYYY of those, that would be AMAZINGGGG. just so i know some particular things to research, because I can’t find ANY of this stuff and its due really soon. THANKS ALL.

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