March 7, 2009

How much of a problem are coyotes to cats that go outdoors in the Santa Fe NM, or Taos area?

santa fe
doglove asked:

I am considering moving to the Santa Fe, Taos area from Seattle and have seen many properties online with ‘coyote fences’. I had a cat caught by a coyote in CT years ago and my cats do go outside. Is it a big problem in NM to let your pets out? My dog is only 25 lbs. also and I would not want to move to a place where they can’t go outside.

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October 28, 2008

looking for a vet that ‘laser’ cleans cats teeth Santa fe or Albuquerque?

santa fe new mexico
Stoke asked:

I have a 10 year old cat that normally has his teeth cleaned via laser cleaning. Now I am in New Mexico and I am having a problem finding a vet in Santa Fe that does the laser cleaning procedure. Does anyone know a vet in Santa Fe or Albuquerque that uses the laser procedure for teeth cleaning? Thanks.

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