December 13, 2008

Why is New Mexico full of illegals?

santa fe new mexico
Smart American asked:

I visited Santa Fe some weeks ago, and i realized that about the 50% of people there were mexicans!!. What’s up with this?
New Mexico is a state of U.S.A. ok? I see a lot of peop,e saying that New Mexico is from Mexico.

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December 13, 2008

4x4 @ 12:12 pm

Hence the name… “NEW MEXICO”

December 15, 2008

Rebel Gal @ 10:24 am

Were they ILLEGAL and how do you know they weren’t born there????

Don’t say the accent. I know enough LA latinos who speak with a thick accent and can’t get through Sesame Street Spanish and have NEVER left LA!!!

Mopar @ 6:09 pm

it’s the browning of America, requoncista (something like that) they want back what they feel is their land. And our country gets such good benefits from the cheap labor they really don’t want to stop it. That’s why they don’t.

December 18, 2008

midcenturydesigner @ 7:34 pm

How can you possibly know they are all illegal? Did you know there are many native American’s in Santa Fe? I have been to Sante Fe and there are many native Americans who look Hispanic but are not…..Get over your bigotry….

December 19, 2008

some polisci major @ 3:25 pm

How do you know they were all Mexicanand illegally in the country? Did you ask or did you simply assume that because they have brown skin that they are illegal immigrants?

December 20, 2008

Justaxing @ 5:12 pm

Close proximity to the border?

December 22, 2008

niecy @ 7:52 am

Because it is a border state and our border is not secure.

sortega @ 8:25 am

Are you sure they were Mexican and not Native American?
And alot of illegals flock to New Mexico because the legislation there is so friendly toward them. Is it just a coincidence that it is also a crime infested toliet?

December 24, 2008

Sway 26 @ 5:13 pm

New Mexico - get it, “New” Mexico

December 25, 2008

mark j @ 8:41 pm

Well, New Mexico is on the border. is on the border. Trust me, this isn’t the only state that is having this problem. Texas, Arizona, and Southern California are gettin it just as bad.

December 28, 2008

♥Tao Barbie♥ @ 6:22 am

Maybe because New Mexico is the new Mexico?


December 30, 2008

Goose&Tonic @ 1:04 am

Mexicans are under the misguided impression that these lands were “stolen” from them (even though they were won fair and square in war AND paid for) and thus they are infiltrating the southwest in their self-proclaimed “reconquistadora” (reconquest) of the south.

Why do you think the governor of NM declared it to be a national emergency/disaster in an attempt to FORCE the federal government to actually start doing something about it???

REBEL GAL — You do realize that there are 5 million illegals in LA alone, right? I wonder if many of you realize that the LA county jail system is 90% black and latino.

January 2, 2009

Surveyor @ 5:29 am

It’s called “passive assimilation”. They move in… get on some type of welfare and before you know it, New Mexico is part of Mexico.

January 4, 2009

SittinPretty! @ 3:54 am

The fact that they were Mexican doesnt make them automatically illegal!!

January 6, 2009

hexador04 @ 8:30 pm

Border state, and if they want their land back, what the hell are they doing in our southern states like Georgia, and Alabama. They need to be deported and fast. They are destroying our small towns and our border states. Some Mexicans still live in Mexico and their kids just walk across the border into an American school. I seen that on the news, but it was Arizona.

January 9, 2009

(((david))) @ 10:56 am

OMG i can’t believe how ignorant the people are here! New Mexico is a state which it has simultaneously the highest percentage of Hispanic Americans. They’re not ILLEGALS.Please don’t stereotype just because they are from a different skin color than you

January 11, 2009

NoCtUrNo1o1 @ 11:00 am

Hello! NEW MEXICO? SANTA FE? Do you even know what these words mean? Also, the other people are right, how do you know they were all Mexican? Enough with this race thing already! Get used to it! It’s all over the world! How ridicules you are? I’m sure you’re mixed yourself, idiot! And you call yourself smart! LOL.

January 14, 2009

map @ 3:54 pm

It could because New Mexico shares a border with Mexico. I would expect there to be a lot of illegal immigrants there as opposed to some place like Hawaii.

January 15, 2009

Sam @ 12:03 am

People are telling you that just because they’re Hispanic doesn’t make them illegal. In fact the higher the Hispanic population the more illegals you are going to come across.

January 17, 2009

kross2442 @ 12:08 am

Just because someone is Hispanic does not mean that they are here illegally!!!!! It is because of ignorant people like you that other countries look down on Americans.

The border states, more specifically the cities in the southern part of the border states tend to have a higher population of Mexican Americans because of the natural flow of traffic. Think about it. The further you want to go, the more money it costs. Immigrants also tend to live close to the border when they still have family in Mexico, as they are closer and it costs less to travel.

January 22, 2009

Miladi @ 3:55 pm

So you assumed that just because they were Mexican they were also illegal immigrants? That’s poor logic!

January 24, 2009

kristin w @ 9:32 pm


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